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In the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez surrounded by the cool shade of wild forest from one side and of 300-year-old plane trees from another, our family winery has been producing wines since 1898.

" Guided by nature "

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Have you heard of Provence ? The land of sun, pétanque and apéro located in the south of France, Provence is believed to be the birthplace of rosé wine. Hidden in the shade of pines in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, this paradise on earth is known for its relaxing lifestyle, but this region is not only a place for holidays much appreciated by the most fortunate. Provence is also a home to places beyond time which are known to few and are kept in secret out of fear that if discovered by others they will lose their magic.

Domaine des Garcinières is home of a family that for 5 generations has maintained traditions of Provence enhancing year by year the methods of winemaking with respect for nature. This gorgeous apricot-colored wine is made of raisins carefully raised at our home vineyard and is a result of knowledge gained by several generations and of devotion to making excellent wine. What could be better than enjoying a glass of refreshing, sense awakening, fruity rosé during a dinner with your lovely family?

Add to this a sense of responsible consumption as the Garcinières winery has been awarded the bio label which reflects the values of organic agriculture that have been guiding us for decades. Nowadays, the head of the domaine des Garcinières Stéphanie strives to adhere to biodynamie - a method of agriculture based on using only natural inputs and respecting the cycles of Nature, wishing to pass on to her children the values of producing natural wines. The first steps towards bio conscious winemaking has been the use of the lunar and solar calendars to grow the vines in harmony with Mother Nature.

Enjoying rosé by Garcinières is having a taste of the history of the winemakers’ family who have been and will always be truly “guided by nature”.

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